Daughters of Men by {A. R. Draeger} + Giveaway


Daughters of Men
by A.R. Draeger
published April 5, 2015

Devastated by the loss of her son, Rebecca is struggling to salvage her marriage to Jacob, a cold and detached pastor. When he goes on a men’s hunting retreat and does not return on time, Rebecca fears the worst. Jacob arrives three days late, citing bad weather and poor cell service as the reasons none of the men called home. Jacob appears healthy, but Rebecca is concerned with the deep gashes on his arms and is even more alarmed when he tells her that he stitched them himself. As the weeks pass, Rebecca begins to wonder what happened in the mountains. Jacob is not the same man he was before. While she is relieved he is no longer detached, she cannot comprehend why he’s become so flirtatious, so sexually aggressive. So obsessive. Jacob’s odd behavior mounts, and the actions of the men who joined Jacob on the retreat grow more and more strange, convincing Rebecca that the men who came home are not the men who left. Who are these pretenders… and what have they done with her husband?


A.R. (Amber) Draeger resides in rural Texas with her husband, Josh, and son, Logan. When not writing or reading, she is watching reality TV shows or tromping through the nearby woods.

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Sad woman in a forest. Loneliness and melancholy concept


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Daughters of Men by A.R. Draeger (ebook + paperback)
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Immersed by Katie Hayoz (ebook)
Untethered by Katie Hayoz (ebook)
Sanguinary by Margo Bond Collins (ebook)
Waking up Dead by Margo Bond Collins (ebook)

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Brief Review:

Daughters of Men is a SciFi written with a substantial basis within our current reality, but with strong undertones of horror. It begins like any other novel, but quickly takes a turn for the thrilling. There’s a great twist in the second half, and it will keep you guessing.

Love A.R. Draeger’s mind-bending take on Genesis 6:2. Chilling, spooky, and she does a wonderful job of describing things for the reader to experience – sights, sounds, smells, feelings. As her debut novel, I cannot wait to see what A.R. Draeger writes next!

Several surprises and lots of “just one more chapter.”

Recommended Reading.

***Some Adult Themes, Situations, and Language***


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