A Dream Within a Dream {Kristina Mahr}

 I’m so exited about this duology, and I was pretty pumped that I was allowed to join the launch team. I hope you enjoy meeting Kristina Mahr as much as I have!



All That We See or Seem (Dreamworld Duology book 1)

All That We See Or Seem CoverEvery night, seventeen-year-old Reeve Lennox finds herself under a noose.


By day she is a lady of Acarsaid’s royal house, daydreaming of adventure and love. But every

night in sleep she wanders through a nightmarish city, an invisible witness to the screeches of monsters and the screams of their victims. Her only consolation is Bran, a battle-torn young man with a selfless heart and eyes that reflect the stars.

Yet while Reeve falls deeper into her dreams, in truth she is engaged to Arden, a mercurial nobleman who has long been cured of his belief in love and breathes fire and flattery like other people breathe air.
Torn between two lives, Reeve struggles to remember what’s real. Until night and day collide, with a revelation that threatens all of Acarsaid.




A Dream Within a Dream (Dreamworld Duology book 2)

Invisible to the man she loves, Reeve Lennox fights to reclaim him from a dark world.

As her wedding day nears in Acarsaid, her betrothed Arden offers only his wayward soul and saucy tongue.


At night she desperately tries to reach Bran, the young soldier of nightmarish Tenebris who holds her heart.

However, her king insists that the realms of Tenebris and Acarsaid must remain separate, lest the evil wizard Rancore brutally conquer all.

But the dark magic of Tenebris defies mere distance. A war is coming, one only Reeve may be able to prevent, if she can reunite her family on opposing sides.

With two kingdoms at stake, Reeve must discover her strength and her family’s legacy before all is lost. Yet righting the wrongs of the past may require the sacrifice of her truest love.


Meet Kristina

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your books?


I hope Reeve inspires people to take their lives into their own hands.

I hope Reeve inspires people to take their lives into their own hands. She has spent so much time waiting for life to happen to her that it takes her a while to realize that she’s right smack in the midst of it. All of this is life. Even if we don’t have the thing we want most yet, or we’re not doing exactly what we want to be doing, it’s important that we get ourselves on the path we want to be on and don’t sit around waiting for someone else to get us there.

What inspired your story world?

I had the story idea and Reeve already in mind before I built the world, so the world is a product of both of the idea and her character. I built Acarsaid as an island, with rules similar to Victorian England, to isolate Reeve as much as possible. I wanted it to be light and airy and idyllic, so it seems like the very opposite of a prison, but it serves as something like one to Reeve. And then I built Tenebris, the world she visits in her dreams, to be a stark contrast. Dark and dangerous and sinister, but there, Reeve is allowed to be more free than she is in Acarsaid.

What is your favorite part of your story world?

I love the falcons in Tenebris, the world Reeve visits in her dreams. I studied several different birds of prey before settling on the peregrine falcon as my inspiration. They’re so beautiful, and I wanted them to retain that beauty even though they’re obviously monsters in that world.

What character do you identify with the most and why?

Reeve. Reeve all the way. I see so much of my younger self in her, that idealism and single-minded determination to find love.

If you could sit down with one of your characters, who would it be?

Arden. I think he’s a delight. He’d keep me on my toes throughout the whole conversation, not to mention the fact that he’s pretty easy on the eyes…

Favorite writing inspiration?

I draw most of my inspiration from reading, but lately, I’ve been finding it in music, as well. There’s nothing like finding a character’s song. The one that represents them perfectly and helps you get into their head.

How do you practice writing?

I really found my voice as a writer by dabbling in short stories. My writing partner and I did a short story project where we each wrote a short story a week for 20 weeks. It really helped me learn to generate ideas and develop plots/characters.

I also have an ongoing poetry project that I’ve been cultivating over the past two years. I write at least one poem a day, though typically it’s more like three. It really helps me stretch my writing muscles and play with words in ways that often find their way into my novels.

About the Author

Kristina Mahr head shotKristina Mahr devotes her days to numbers and her nights to words. She works full-time as an accountant in the suburbs of Chicago, where she lives with her two dogs and two cats, but her true passion is writing. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends,

reading, and waking up at the crack of dawn every weekend to watch the Premier League.


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