Recap of Monday in #MommyWriteLife (and why my #Periscope #Debut is delayed) AND a #CoverReveal

And HERE is what I received last week from Lori at Contagious Covers.  She’s awesome!

Yesterday, I intended to conduct my first broadcast on Periscope. Unfortunately, life happened at a spectacular speed, and the day ended – outlasting my mental capacity to be engaging.

At 7:30 AM, I took my oldest son to his first job, and with a terror I thought I had tamed, I realized I had no way to contact him. Normally, I yell from my desk, and he answers. No such Monday luck.

Enter: a Wal-mart purchased go phone. Once procured, it took a while to set up and rid the device of internet access. By the end, I felt worn out. (How did he get to be old enough for a summer job?)

Not to mention, my daughter (see her here) had some leftover birthday money. During the Wal-Mart trip, she bought a pink, Frozen microphone. Guess what it plays. Let it Go. All over the house. ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE. She’s been belting it out, with a dramatic flare, for the past 24 hours. Her brothers are ecstatic. (Oh! The Sarcasm!)

Monday had newspaper articles to write, brainstorming to do, and I was able to pitch my SciFi WIP (work-in-progress) to a potential narrator. (He tentatively agreed – *happy dance.*)

This morning, I was notified that I will be shortlisted by Mash Stories for a bit of flash fiction. It’s a piece featuring one of my current SciFi WIP characters – makes for an awesome Tuesday!

I am working on creating a fiction proposal to pitch to publishers in July at the DFW Writers Conference. In honor of my WIP, and my Periscope debut later today, I’ve donned my Millennium Falcon t-shirt, and THIS is on repeat in a YouTube tab while I pound out the words on my young adult Space Opera.

Off to plan.written plan


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Blue-haired wife, mom, writer and photographer: I write in trees with peacock quills, so said she, really meaning a desk and chair like writers everywhere.

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